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Prototype Roleplay.

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1 Prototype Roleplay. on Mon Oct 31, 2016 5:42 pm


Hello i decided to make a new thread instead of updating the old one but this is Raven's Roleplay that's i have been working with few weeks why i making a new thread?, cus this script is change alot i change almost everything in the script, please before you judge this script please try it out and remember this is just a beta so can still be some few bugs on it so please test it and report to me if you find bugs, and i still leave credits to Cuervo and FeaR and Lordman

Admin CMD:
*** Level 1 Moderator *** /fly, /check, /setint, /setvw, /mute, /kick, /maskid, /weaponid
*** Level 1 Moderator *** /masked, /(un)freeze, /learn, /respawnthiscar(/rtc), /passed, /ao(oc) /skick /kick
*** Level 1 Moderator *** /gotogas /gotobank /gotolv /gotosf /gotols /arblock /getvid /ajail /sjail, /aflist
*** Level 1 Moderator *** /gotodonut /gotogrove /gotoelcorona /ahide, /gotocar, /pmmsg, /slap, /vehslap, /removeweed
*** Level 1 Moderator *** /hack, /checkhealth, /checkarmor, /skinid
*** Level 1 Moderator *** /spec /specoff /specvehicle, /iteminfo, /aunrent
*** Level 2 Administrator *** /rcc, /disarm, /agl, /setjob, /bigears
*** Level 3 Administrator *** /apark, /fuelcars, /edit, /noooc
*** Level 3 Administrator *** /mark, /gotomark, /gethere, /setage, /healcar, /repaircar, /setsex
*** Level 3 Administrator *** /respawnallcars, /respawnrentbikes, /respawnrentcars, /unbanip
*** Level 4 Administrator *** /atl, /fixveh, /makeircadmin /kickhelper
*** Level 4 Administrator *** /setstat, /sethp, /setarmor, /auninvite /unban /helpermotd
*** Level 4 Administrator *** /makeleader, /makehelper, /weather, /weatherall, /sendtols /setcarhp
*** Lead Administrator *** /bizentrance, /sbizentrance, /asellcar, /money(sets money), /achangename, /givegun
*** Lead Administrator *** /givemoney, /houseentrance, /houseexit, /tod, /makeadmin, /payday, /adminmotd /changeadmpass
*** Lead Administrator *** /jetpack, /setdonate, /editcar, /carname, /ownername, /donatecar, /propowner /realadmincheck
*** Lead Administrator *** /propid, /gotoprop /givemisc, /asellhouse, /asellbiz, /factionident, /clearfam, /setgas, /getgas

$ Credits $
Kye - SA:MP
FeaR - Original Godfather
Scrocher - Original LA-RP.
Blewert - You inspired me to Script
Mikep - Same as blewert, you inspired me to script.
Seif - Some of your scripts helped me a lot.
Ryder - I took part of some of your scripts to make the current ones
Crazybob - Airport System inspired on your server
Ronnel, RON, CBFasi, Xcasio - Some scripts are inspired out of your server too
Zamaroth - Your Object Creation script and your textdraws maker made things pretty easier for me.
DebugFS Creator - You really helped me there.
ElBoricua, Sammir, Battle, Didrik - Beta Testing, you made me found lots of bugs
Chase - Scripting Help, beta testing.
Moker - Support and Helping
Incoginto - Streamer Plugin
N0FeaR - Updating the Script and fixing bugs

:: New Vehicle system
:: New Death system
:: New Hospital system
:: New House system
:: New Faction system
:: Make so you can /spawn and /despawn for personal vehicle
:: New weapon system removed the shitty train system
:: Added roleplay test at begin
:: New admin system
:: New ATM system
:: New house system
:: New Job system
:: New drug system
:: And much more ask me if you need to know anything more

As i said before this is just beta report if u find bugs



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