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Counter Strike 4 Gamemode

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1 Counter Strike 4 Gamemode on Mon Oct 31, 2016 5:41 pm



I started developing this gamemode long time ago and Gregory has been the one who has been posting development pictures and videos. I was thinking of starting a server, but I pretty much got bored and gave up on it. I didn't have any interest into a CS4SAMP server, therefore, instead of keeping the script in my scripts archive, I decided to release it.


► Y_Less -> Y_INI and all the thing he has done for the community (have a nice rest mate)
► Zeex -> ZCMD - command processor (thanks buddy)
► Kwarde -> Top 5 players script (it actually made everything better, thanks!)
► Jackob -> Counter Strike maps (I've made small edits to Assault in order to make the teleports available)
► Everybody else for testing and whom I might have forgotten to put below
► Me -> Scripting


I've uploaded a lot of images, so I've created an album on IMGUR. The pics were taken in a correct alignment but they appear messed up on imgur. At any case, you can access the album by clicking the link below:


I've worked hard to make everything similar to Counter Strike, even though there some things out of Counter Strike standard. Most of the features are listed below:

► User-friendly textdraws: I've worked on textdraws, in order to make things easier for the player to understand what's happening. The textdraws show:

• time left for map (top)
• top players online (left - credits to kwarde who released it on forums)
• terrorists and counter-terrorists online (bottom-left and bottom-right)
• terrorist and counter-terrorist score (under terrorist and counter-terrorists online textdraw)
• round stats textdraw (at the end of the round)

► Round timer: Each map plays for 5 minutes and then it changes. The team with most score wins, else it will result in a tie. The round timer is accurate and will end as soon as it arrived to 0:00.

► Custom VIP with selectable textdraws: I've finished the VIP system myself, worked on it from 0 and then integrated it with the gamemode. The VIP would be an separate function, but I decided to release it with the gamemode or not release it at all (I was thinking of creating a server, so wanted everything special), eventhough I might have an separate release just for the VIP.

► Credits system: Some people might not be able to buy VIP, therefore I created Credits system. Credits give the player same power as the VIP's, as they're able to do everything like VIP's do, (even access /vipmenu)but instead of getting things for free as VIP's do, they'll get it with credits.

► Model preview skin chooser: With this feature you can choose either female or male skins in the VIP menu. I've put ALL available female and male skins in the menu.

► Couple of basic admin commands: I don't wanna forget to mention that there's /offlineban, /unban and that /slap command is customizable, means that you can choose how much you want to slap an player (it's created to give admins advantage, for example, you can slap player to warn him, tell him to stop doing something, to check if he's using healthhack, medium slap or last but not least, to kill him)

► Anti-spawn killing: Anti-spawn allows you not to die for 7.5 seconds, evading so the spawn-killers. During anti-spawn kill, you are able to use /shop and /vipmenu. I disabled it using them during the game because of unbalance between normal players and those who got money to buy things.

► /shop: Allows you to access weapon shop. Weapons are not saved and it was something I started working on before I lost interest on the project.

► /help: For all the newbie players that don't know how to start their journey off in the server.

.... discover other features yourself in-game ....


I'm concerned of some admin commands not working and I've always wanted to take up actions to fix them, but always stopped due to being lazy.

Other then that, I've disabled bomb planting/defusing, which can be activated just by removing some commented lines. There was no bug on it and it used to start new rounds, but just that I was lazy to continue working more on it.


Most of you are here just for this, and I'd like, for sure, just if you want also, to get at least some respect from you for this gamemode. If you feel like you like it, don't hesitate breaking down the reputation button. It really makes me happy!

► Solidfiles =
► Mediafire = download/uj...ike+4+SAMP.rar

► Link to includes - CLICK TO ACCESS


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