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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 San Fiero.

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1 Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 San Fiero. on Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:34 am


Call of Duty Black Ops 2 San Fierro Chaos Zone V2.0

Hi guys, today Im going to release my 3rd GameMode. As you can see from the purpose of this topic, It is TDM Game Mode. With basically features, as COD GM in generally. I have worked on this GM for like 2 weeks.And, i've fixed Some bugs too. And, I'd like to recommended you to use LuxAdmin as your filterscript, because almost of Player's GM system using LuxAdmin.

V2.0 is released now. V2 has same features as previous version. Added features are:
>>Added one capture zone
>>added one bombfield
>>Added rank system
>>Added some commands explosion for king of kings class, to make explosion in front of him, usable once per death.
>>Added /rank commands
>>Added Super patriot vehicle. For VIP member.Means, there is a missile on the toop roof on it. You could fire a missile use /fire. Can be spawned use /superpatriot
>>Added Nitro system for VIP Commands. Use /nitro
>>Added /shop commands. Usable once per death

V1.0 Features:
>>Added 9 Captures zone.
>>Added 1 Bomb field. You can plant the bomb using /plantbomb. and even, you can /defuse it too. This bomb field located beside Driving school on San Fierro. And, you cannot defuse the bomb that you just planted, or your team planted

>>Team Chat system. Using /t
>>Personal Message system using /pm
>>Unique Mapped for each base.
>>There are 4 classes. Assault,Sniper,Captain,King of Kings. 520 scores needed for captain, while King of kings needed 750 scores.
>>Assault and sniper cant drive rhino,hydra. Only VIP,King, and captain who able to drive thoose vehicles
>>Anti SpawnKill protection
>>Anti TeamKill
>>DM Arena!On Mount Chiliad!
login register system
anti RPG and minigun for assault and sniper class
anti regeneration health.
And still much more

VIP Commands:
>>/jp to given a jetpack
>>/spawnveh to spawn any vehicle you want.
>>/weaponpackage to given a Special Weapon Package. Able to use once per spawned. Even vip cant abuse their power Razz

>>/rpg to given a RPG
>>/grenade to given a grenade
>>/Healme to restore health
>>/armup to restore armour

Download link: file/tkub4ggypc3jwks/Call+of+duty+Black+Ops2%28Samp%29+V2%2C0.rar

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