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Exclosive Georga RolePlay.

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1 Exclosive Georga RolePlay. on Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:32 am


Welcome Georgia [R]0le-[P]1ey v4.0 ( New )!
Hallo, My name is Gurami I posted New Gamemode Geo[RP] v4.0 New Systems and Full Translation

1.Jail Break: New Jail Break Place you can arrest player and Give Minute But this is in Los Santos. All Police Departments have its jail place SF/LV/LS

2.New Places: New Police Depatment Texture, New City Hall texture, New Hospital Texture, new Event Place on Vinewood, Jail Break (arrest Place)

3.Factions: That Gamemode has 24 Faction and Full this is a tested all factions members have its wages. LS/SF/LV Hospitals, but LS hospital has new Texture. LS/SF/LV Police Departments, but LS police department has new Texture and Arrest Plac. LS/SF/LV armys. FBI has new Sport cars. robbers ( Grove/Vagos/Aztecz/Balls )has new Capture system and Mafia RM, LCN, Yazuka

4.Systems: All system is tested and they are Work 100%. New System Glasses and New Speedometr. New House System and many other.

5.Houses: Houses isn't posting you need Post all house (all are 750) for pos house '/setpos' and for set house pos car '/setposcar'
6.Jobs: new Jobs and Full system: Bus, Taxi , Hot-Dog Seller, Product Seller, Fuel Seller, G[RP] job 1, G[RP] job 2

7.Add New: textures (hospital, LSPD, City Hall), Speedometr, Glasses, Jail Break, Event Place on VineWood, New Park in front of LS Hospital.
Download and add Comments This is a my Last Gamemode

8/10 Look all system is work 100%, all Franction is Work 100%, New Textures, New Commands, New Places, New cars, New FS file/51joo67f3steuaa/Georgia+%5BR%5D0le-%5BP%5D1ey.rar

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