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The Battle Ground.

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1 The Battle Ground. on Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:27 am


Game-play Information
This server is scripted from scratch by Phyzic(me) and Its basically a Team Deathmatch server in which the team who kills more players wins in the end. This Team Deathmatch runs on a Map System, Every 3 Minutes a new custom Map is loaded and a different mission too..

Two Classes which will be saved and loaded every time you login.
Custom Maps - About 10 Maps Currently.
Team Kills Count and Textdraws to make server look better.
Anti-Teamkill to protect from Teamkill.
Anti-Spawnkill to protect from Spawn Killing.
Map Changes Every 3 Minutes.
VIP Features for our Donators.
Admin Script from scratch.
Every Time a New Map Loads... Much Fun to Play!
Scores+Cash when a team beat other team.
Reaction Tests to play!
Bounty System - Put a Bounty on a player and kill the player to win some cash!
And Much more to explore.........


- YSI Include
- ZCMD Include
- Foreach Include
- Whirlpool Plugin
- Sscanf Plugin


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