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Cops And Robbers.

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1 Cops And Robbers. on Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:24 am


Cops And Robbers

Why i will download it??

That Gamemode include a clock and commands for ticket and arrest people
and a fuel system by the include of MIC

There are 4 teams:

What commands are

The Commands for cops are:

/tk = for ticket a yellow person
/ar = for arrest a orange person
/cm = for view the computer of the cops

the others commands are:

/me = the command of mIRC
/para = give a parachute (cost 1000)
/hour = show the hour and date
/kill = kill you
/race = for a race in a secret place
/fill = for fill the car
/exit = for exit of the cop station
/heal = that command is for medics for heal people

What language are?

the gamemode is in spanish(PYC) and in english (CANG)

Any Bug And What Version is

well sometimes the game crash by the clock but dont know other bug

There is in version 2.7 = Added Command of arrest (/ar)
that gamemode has been used in private in my server but now make it public

DOWNLOAD and CREDITS file/ejzmh1t1dwd/

Credits: [WD]Gothem (me) and the MIC include for the fuel system

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