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ZA Zomble Apocalypse.

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1 ZA Zomble Apocalypse. on Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:19 am


PROTACTED BY Open Source License, You must contact me and Kitten before editing the GM.
had to re-post it without cashlink which I thought I removed. E_E
Funny part topic was here for over 4 months and admin noticed yesterday

Credits to :Kitten have given me the premission to release this GM again so if you don't mind. i will write again all what i wrote
and i might add more commands / maps soon if i find some free time.

Renamed Advanced Screamer class to Heavy Screamer.
Added new class Advanced Screamer.
Added new class Advanced Stomper.
Added new class nemsis.
Added new class Fire Breather. ( Can breath fire and make explosion infront of him.
Added new class Veteran. ( Rank 30 required - Got heavy weapons )
Added new class Heavy Soldier. ( can give /vest and /giveammo )
Added Pimp class.
Added new class Shotgun Specialist ( +50 shotgun damage )
Added Exp. Scout class ( 1 hit = 1 kill + High Jump )
Added /vcure ( VIP cure ) for level 4 VIP.
Added /vheal ( VIP heal ) for Level 4 VIP.
Removed some things from coins shop cuz it was bugged.
Removed some useless Lines.
Added /credits command ( you are not allowed to remove this )
Added more admin commands ( /spec - /givegun - /nuke / etc )
Attached some objects to some classes.
Added Spawn Protaction for Zombies/Humans.
Added Hell gates at Zombies spawn to give damage to any nearby human ( gives -5 hp / second you are near zombies spawn )
Much more things that i can't write here.


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