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Zombies Vs Humans Apocalypse v1.4.0 FINAL Release

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// Gamemode-- Zombie vs Human Apoclaypse v1.4.0 deathmatch Gamemode.

// Credits: Owen007 and all map credits are given to their respected owners.

// *New Feautres: v1.4.0:

// 1.Anti wrong RCON Login kick removed.

// 2.cmds updated to zcmds.

// 3.Group system by hic killer.

// 4.merged fs to gamemode for easy upload to ftp or for downloading easily.

// 5.Some new maps added.

// 6.Ranks sytem added.

// 7.All bugs fixed there are no more bugs.

// 8.Update ZCMD to IZCMD

// 9.Simple code optimization

// 10.Identified code

// 11.Update rcon.pwn for izcmd

// 12.Update and

// 13.Fixed bugged includes

// 14.Compressed objects Zombie.saoi

// 15.Fixed and

Server Commands:

/shelp , /zhelp ,/hhelp, /rules , /buyweap , /cmds, /stats, /sengine, /bezombie, /pm, /pms, /reply, /r, /gcmds, /inv, /rcon login passwordhere, /rconinfo."


I will uplaod them tommorow.


1.AbyssMorgan for help
2.yless ofc
3.Zeex yea
4.mapper for their maps.
5.killer hic for group system.
6.rcon admin system ultimate one thanks to him.
7.Me Owen007
8.Kitten for his lovely gm scripts i have learned from her scripts alot.
10.fahad king

Old version go here:

Click here

Download links:

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